240SX LS2 Power Swap


Lumin8: V8 Powered 1993 Lumina Z/34


Ford Introduces 2019 Mustang Bullet


Cammer Powered Doomsday Galaxie


Coyote Powered '63 Ford Falcon


Danny Pittman's V8 Swap Pro Street Opel GT


LS Powered Pro Street Vega Swap


A Triumph GT6 with LS Street Muscle


2018 ZL1 Camaro Rocks the Nurburgring


2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody Brings the Heat


News & Reviews

Eaton C1 rear springs

C1 Corvette Rear Leaf Spring R&R

Original C1 Corvette rear springs were made with spring steel with a groove in the bottom side of each spring leaf. This grooved steel has not been produced since the mid-’60s, so the original-style springs with the groove can no longer be made. This predicament could bring many restorations to a standstill, however...
LS@ 240SX engine swap

240SX LS2 Power Swap

Blane Burnett is a keen observer of the performance potential lurking in untapped sources. He knew the Nissan 240SX was ripe for cultivating a multi-capable performance machine suitable for drag racing, autocrossing and the street with an LS2 engine swap that put 400+ horses under the hood...
lumina pro street

Lumin8: V8 Powered 1993 Lumina Z/34

The Lumin8 Chevy Lumina makes a stunning street car with V8 power. Not an engine swap per se, but a radical body and chassis swap that creates a V8 powered Chevy Lumina with plenty of street prowess and hot rodding ingenuity...
summit Racoing_lead

Summit Racing’s 50th Anniversary Salute

Summit Racing is one of the most recognized names in the high-performance industry; eclipsing all other high-performance retailers by a wide margin. Literally, millions of high-performance cars, trucks, hot rods and race cars have been...
driven racing oil

Direct Injection Piston Damage? Could Be Your Oil

Low Speed Pre-Ignition or LSPI is a previously unrecognized combustion anomaly that leads to severe engine damage on late model turbocharged engines operating at low engine speeds and high loading. Driven Racing Oils teamed with a major laboratory to...
2019 mustang bullett

Ford Introduces 2019 Mustang Bullet

As a special-edition model due out this summer – the all-new Mustang Bullitt is equipped with a manual transmission, and the gear shifter features a white cue ball shift knob as a nod to the original. The vehicle packages all Mustang GT Premium and Performance Package content into a...
Currie 68-72-A-Body 12-bolt

Bulletproofing a Chevelle 12-bolt with Currie Enterprises

Many muscle car and restomod enthusiasts want to keep their rides as original as possible right down to the rear axle assembly. Follow along as Currie Enterprises assembles a modernized, disc brake equipped GM 12-bolt rearend for a 64-72 GM A-body.
pro street

Cammer Powered Doomsday Galaxie

Quite a departure from your standard tunnel rams and roots blower combinations typical of Pro Street rides, but every bit as businesslike; Ring's Galaxie 500 packs death star power potential wrapped in galactic black and silver trim.
LS Fiero swap

LS3, 6-speed 1985 Fiero Swap

Here's a 1985 Fiero SE that has been retrofitted with an LS3 430hp Corvette engine and 6-speed manual transmission for the ultimate in small car engine swap performance. A professionally done swap that looks almost factory and runs like a rocket. The power to weight ratio on this baby is pretty favorable...

Featured Story

Beyond the Crate... Building a Bad Ass Supercar for under twenty grand with a six thousand dollar C4 Corvette and a powerful new LT1 stroker engine package. Have it your way. Engine machined and assembled at Valley Head Service. Installation and car prep by Bones Fabrication.

Engine Builds

cobra jet

Building the 750 HP Ford Cobra Jet

Ever wonder how carefully your Cobra Jet drag racing engine gets assembled at the factory? No doubt you've seen old newsreels with…

663hp 434ci Small-Block Street Engine

June 16, 2016
When tasked to build a 650hp+ street engine with lots of restrictions, Mike Petralia's Hardcore Horsepower, LLC in Franklin, TN crafted this 434ci beast ...

Blown Hi-Torque E85 Chevy Small Block

June 16, 2016
The key to power for this 628 HP 383ci blown street small block was the 177-cid Roots-style Weiand supercharger combined with E85 pump gas.
20K Supercar

383 Chevy: Beyond the Crate!

Building a Bad Ass Supercar for under twenty grand with a six thousand dollar C4 Corvette and a powerful new LT1 stroker engine package. This build is based on an OEM '95 LT1 Corvette block and will use a set of ported aluminum...
C4 Corvette

383 Beyond the Crate LT1 Parts List

The following parts for the Beyond the Crate 383 project are available through Summit Racing except where noted. These are Summit part numbers which you can use to find them on Summit's web site...
big block chevy

540ci All Motor Pump Gas Brute

May 3, 2014
The new AFR cylinder heads are the central component of this remarkable piece; a real world engine designed to deliver off the hook performance without expensive power adders and in the face of fluctuating fuel quality...